Sunday, February 11, 2007

This morning when I checked my email, I found Luca's message. A good start for today! Luca was almost in my age when we worked together in a small farm in Ferrara 15 years ago. Tracking down Luca was also part of my recent activities recalling old friends. I remembered he was a son of a general in the army, then living in Rome. It became his interest to work in this biodynamic farm every summer. For me, it was simply a solution to remain in Italy or Europe before I sorted out what to do next. I worked there for almost a month before I went to Spilimbergo to do the photography course. Since then I didn't return.

It was a very interesting place after all. It's run by a couple who followed the teachings of Rudolf Steiner's Antroposophy. The man was Silvio who graduated in economics in America. It was still rare in the early 1990s to meet an mid age Italian who spoke fluent English. It was very physically hard work but intriguing if you're interested in the idea of spirituality or Joseph Beuy's art. It was a late afternoon in Sept and I stirred up a huge bucket of water mixed with a tiny bit of quartz which was stored in horns and buried underneath the earth for the whole summer. It's an organic fertilizer which could raised about 20% of their crops as they said! Today I checked out wikipedia and found actually it got a name as mixture 501!

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