Sunday, July 22, 2007

Art in Canberra

Last weekend I had visits to a few art spots in Canberra. I got an impression that the local artist community is rather small although there are some national institutions because of its status of the national capital, which are not so much related to the community here. Perhaps their perspective is mainly national or international but then it's a feeling of transplanting these institutions to this place from somewhere else.

The Drill Hall is a public gallery located in the ANU campus, currently showing a touring exhibition of drawings by an Australian artist. It's no particular interest to me but I just couldn't imagine if I would only make drawings for my life long career. However, it held the retrospective of Rebecca Horn last month, as a stop of her international tour.

The Contemporary Art Space is located in an old government premises with other non-profit arts groups. It's called Gorman House Arts Centre, similar to our Cattle Depot, much smaller but more lively. It was a Saturday market where second-handed stuffs and craftswork were for sale. Food and drinks were also available. I think Cattle Depot could generate more dynamic if it could also be turned as Sunday market, the best way to relate its neighbours.
The CAS currently shows as part of the Festival of Contemporary Art that doesn't shows any focus indeed.

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