Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas dinner

We don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons like most others. However, because of the holiday mood, we do feel like doing something special. When I reviewed the last 15 Christmas eves, I actually didn't remember how special they were. It's always dinner at home; for a couple of times, there were also one or two guests.
What I remember the best was the first Christmas eve in my old flat. It was such an excitement being in a new place. I even bought a real Christmas tree, something I never did before and ever since. A good friend and his partner called Johnson were invited over. It seemed to be the first time I met him but for sure it was the last time. He was then entering to his later stage of cancer disease. We had some pan-fried salmon, wine and very nice chats. It was such a lovely evening.
Johnson hasn't appeared in my conversation with my friend for very very long time. I may suppose he has already rested in peace. But every now and then, Johnson still pops up in may mind; maybe I just couldn't remember much other Christmas eves I had.

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