Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fo Tan Open Studio

I saw part of the Open Studio last weekend. Quite a lot of people were there. It's a good art education for the society. But to be honest, there was less excitement for me this time than before. Maybe my curiosity has been fulfilled, or there were not many new or exciting things to see. Anyway, it's good to have it to demonstrate to the society there is a growing artists' community.
Friends asked me why I didn't open my studio. If people want to see my work, they can see it in the current HKSZ biennale. I'm not very much into just showing my space to people whom I'm not familiar. There could be difficulties too. I remember one time there were tons of kids running in my studio, something I could hardly control. Maybe it's not something nice when you had someone walking into your studio showing no interest in your work at all! It might be easier if it's simply a gallery as you had no expectation on your audience who could be critical anyway. (Who cares?) But it's your own space, sort of intimate; people there somehow become your guests, whom you may deal with respect.
I think I just missed the earlier Fo Tan open studio when there's no sponsors, no programmes or structure. It was so organic that a lot of studios just happen to open the doors on the same day. You didn't need to spend much to organize it. The whole event was minimal. Things could happen in short notice. Maybe it's my romanticism but I found pity that it missed the chance to grow beyond the institutional culture. It could be a truly simple and independent event. Indeed I have no problem with the institution (while you can name good or bad institutions). Para/Site is developed in such a direction. I would just love to see what would the Fo Tan community evolve with the energy and resources from the inside.


Edwin Lo said...

I still remember the time that Phoebe Man took us to go to your studio as a part of the course. I was amazed by the studio, whatever the size of the studio and the works you made. When I thinking back it is a very good experience and pleasure to see some works you made.

By the way, I like your podcast section of this blog. I hope you can have more posting on that in the future and the duration can be longer. That's what I think.



Studio bbq said...

I'm actually happy to have visitors to my studio, however only those who know what they're going to see instead of not knowing even where they're.

Studio bbq said...

Anyway I still remember your visit and thanks for it and the comments.