Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Steal now has become only because the .net domain has been cancelled, of course not at my own will. A month ago I got an expiration notice from my web host that the auto renewal of my domain registration was rejected. Immediately I fixed the payment method and and thought everything was fine then as I noticed they have been receiving my hosting fee. Then no more warning, I received a cancellation notice of my .net domain which said they couldn't help at all, After a few email inquiries, I only got the same answer. Being so frustrated, I followed a few links and found out who bought my domain. The evil is now the same web host can help me to negotiate buying back this domain at a commission plus service charge. So, you see this is how the domain business works. I don't think my .net would worth much. However, instead of buying it back, I decided to spend the money (and more time) to register another domain (.com) and to print new business cards. Maybe I'm silly but I feel better.


elizabethbriel said...

Arrgh, that's terrible!

Sounds like you're making the best of it. Was part of the appeal of "net" rather than "com" that it was less commercial-sounding? or was it a backup domain name?

Studio bbq said...

That's what I thought when I first got my .net domain. I thought .com was only for commercial entities. But now I see not many people care about it. (Actually I even got .info)