Sunday, October 28, 2007

New podcast

I have just tried to create a podcast on arts in Hong Kong and beyond. Basically I hope to make a space which is "casual" enough to "seriously" talk about art as we always tend to wait for the serious moment before we would do anything serious. I invite people to chat on things happening at the moment (we can't wait too much!) I think the voice recording is somehow an alternative document to writing which is unfortunately not so popular in our community. The trial episode is in Cantonese and I have Jeff Leung with me to talk about October Contemporary as seen from outside.


Stefano Pasquini said...

It sounds interesting, are you planning on doing it in english too?
I just did the first try of a podcast about art myself. check it out if you wish on

Studio bbq said...

Definitely I'll podcast in English too. It only depends on the guest speaker's choice of language. I'd also like to podcast chats with someone visiting Hong Kong or when I see people while travelling.

Your podcast is really cool. Love it.