Monday, October 8, 2007

October Contemporary

Went to the opening in the Cattle Depot and then at Para/Site. The theme "Again" seems to be a bit vague to draw different shows together. Perhaps its flexibility appealed and allowed the organizer to hook up eight very different "independent" organization. Positively it amplified the small voice of each organization in front of the public that was predominated by all sorts of mainstream currents, but that also showed the limit of "independence" if the festival would go beyond that. The great turnout of the opening might demonstrate the possibility that individuals of this segregated community could get together. But I hope things could really evolve beyond that. I still very much appreciate the potential of grass root organizations in Hong Kong and if their cooperation can progress to collaboration which requires more engagement and understanding, definitely a more cohesive October Contemporary can be a very dynamic and interesting alternative to those institutional Asian biennales. We could simply forgot the controversy of the Hong Kong Biennial. But then some might ask if we need a truly international and carefully-curated multi-venue exhibition, but founded in this urban/local setting. Well, Hong Kong seems not to be very international, at least in terms of its indifference to what's happening in the neighboring countries.

The other day, I saw the sign of ParknShop containing the word "international"! I bet some of the street markets here are actually more international.

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