Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dadou in Jogia

I had a very nice chat with Davide “Dadou” Quadrio of BizArt before he returned to Shanghai after a meeting with colleagues from Singapore, Manila and here Jogia. They have started a collaboration on a project with young curators in the region. Sometimes I really feel we might progressing in a similar direction as there’re more social/economic exchanges in Asia as in different places there’re drives for development of curatorial practice as Para/Site has implemented its curatorial programme.
It’s almost become a usual topic about the art market boom in Asia and the up-roaring price of contemporary Chinese art recently when you talk to anyone from the art community in Asia. Our conversation is no exception. Of course it also touched the idea of independent art organizations. In China’s context, an “non-profit” art space could also represent artists in art fairs. Somehow Dadou was proud that he didn’t do. Not that he had problem with commercial gallery practice, he’s bothered by the fact that you’re doing it but claiming something else.
By the end of the meeting, there’s also Daphne who once worked in the New Museum in New York but now lives in Shanghai and works with Dadou. Small world it is; she’s also from De Appel and her study here was partly due to Tobias’ advice!

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