Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Talks in Fo Tan

Last Sunday I organized with Jeff a series of ten 30 min-talks for the open studio in Fo Tan. Not a large audience appeared but a lot of fun and sharing was made. I'm very satified with the small platform that provided a very special atmosphere. I love to do it again in forms of slide talks and screenings as well.

Jeff was totally trashed with the alcohol long before the talks ended!

List of speakers:
黃頌恩 Magdalen Wong, artist
方敏兒 Janet Fong, curator/gallerist
黎健強 Edwin Lai, art historian/writer
葉旭耀 IP Yuk Yiu , filmmaker/curator/teacher
何慶基 Oscar Ho, curator/teacher
楊秀卓 Ricky Yeung, artist/teacher
黃思源 Gina Wong, art lover/business woman
三木 Chen Shishen, artist
Samantha Culp, writer
張康生 Enoch Cheung, artist/teacher