Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gallery artists

Every now and then, artists of the new generation become our talking point. LK told me once art students here asked him how he could be hooked up with important curators. They wanted to be "gallery artist" which has become a new occupation in Hong Kong. Securing a gallery seems to be a very straight forward move when you graduate (or even before in some cases.) Having come across with this blog by a NY gallerist, it's very interesting to consider his advice for artists looking for galleries to see if it's also happening here. Sometimes I think artists are simply ordinary people who may just look for jobs in a way like other. But sometimes not.... there are many excuses.... every artist does think s/he has a talent that deserves to be discovered!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jakarta Biennale

The Hong Kong Biennial somehow claimed itself as one of earliest biennales in Asia. Its first chaper was held in 1970s but nothing has been really changed as its nature as a local art contest. In spite of many expectations in the Hong Kong arts community, it made its "big" step simply to change its title to "Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award".

The first Jakarta Biennale was held in 1968 with a different title. It also takes it ages to evolve. Finally it went international this year. And Ade Darmanwen is the artistic director.


"ruang rupa" means "visual space" in Indonesian. On Feb 17, 2008, I visited the artist-run space ruangrupa in Jakarta for the first time and saw a huge residential house-turned art space, a dog, some friends and artists. In this podcast, Ade Darmawan, Indra Ameng & Reza 'asung' Afisina talk about the organization, programming and development of ruangrupa. 75 min., English. Listen

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank You Art

The Day of 39@rt ("thank you art") is a holiday to appreciate, promote, and otherwise positively engage ourselves in contemporary art. It was established by Japanese artist Yoshiaki Kaihatsu in 2000 to foster the appreciation of contemporary art in Japan. Last year it has been celebrated in 157 locations by individuals and institutions in three continents.

Quick shots to thank art

Quick shots

Date: Monday, March 9, 2009
Time: 7-9pm (video screening starts at 7:30pm)
Venue: 1821 Block A, Wah Luen Industrial Centre, Fo Tan

30 seats only, RSVP required. Reservation

Quick shots, featuring short videos by
Chow Chun Fai
David Clarke
ise parkingproject
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
Kwan Sheung Chi
Lam Tung Pang
Michael Lee Hong Hwee, Willam Phuan & Tan Chee Tat
Lee Kit
Alexia Mellor
Nam HyoJun
Huong Ngo
Nguyen Quang Huy
Political Art Group
Qiu Anxiong
Gilad Ratman
Doris Wong Wai Yin
(co-curated by Nana Seo)

Quick shots is specially organized for the "Thank You Art" Day.