Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frank Gehry

I have never been a fan of Gehry but it was my first time to see his built project in person in Toronto. It's the renovation and extension of the Art Gallery of Ontario which was only opened to public last autumn. People said the AGO only had a rather small budget for Gehry to achieve a very spectacular outlook as usual. So ironically the revamp of the gallery space is kinda modest, nothing overwhelming. The additional 2 floors are solely for contemporary art collection which is interesting. My favourite area in terms of architectural space is the gallery behind the new façade. But I guess the "centrepiece" for most people would be the main staircase which is beautiful anyway.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Toronto: the morning

Around 7am on April 21, after 3 movies: Harvey Milk, Gran Torino & The Diary of Anne Frank; 2 meals and 3 hours of sleep, I arrived in Toronto. Slightly jamming in the traffic, I saw this blue sky above the lakeside. Obviously a lot of people drive in Toronto but this blue seems not really affected. Maybe because of the longitude of the city in up north, sun was so low in the morning, attributing to this colour?! I remember Beijing got that too some days in spring when the pollution had a pause.