Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

“Untitled” (Names to Recall Memory but Not Exactly/ Drawing from Memory but Not Exactly/ Words about Memories but Not Exactly)

“It is an exploration of names that had once appeared in my artistic journey. Those unheard of names, acquaintances, and friends… are now far off from my life. What is the percentage of names that remain remembered among all those we come across? It is such a nice excuse to revisit the list of the forgotten in the name of art. And he is there and I would like to make a drawing of him.”— Leung Chi Wo Read more

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bright light has much the same effect as ice

Excerpted from The China Mail, 19 Jan 1893. 摘自《德臣西報》,1893年1月19日。譯文:「嚴寒連日襲港。影相大師璸綸先生拍得太平山美景多處。趣味盈然。現公開發售。買得者可憑相永記寒流。盛暑重訪留影舊地。華氏六十度高溫。該別感涼快。圖景均精挑細選。盡顯雪下廬峰草木。難得一見。而璸綸先生大名實為卓越工藝保証。」

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BBC: The Strand

The Hong Kong artist has a new show on in London which explores history, who owns it and why via some mysterious bullet holes. Listen

ArtReview: Future Great 2012

Future Great 2012: Leung Chi Wo, by Mark Rappolt

Based in Hong Kong, Leung Chi Wo is an artist who manages to pull off the difficult trick of combining the particular with the universal. Almost all of his work starts with the image and the imagination of a specific urban or architectural site and then transforms it into a complex network of ideas, histories and competing interpretations. Read more