Friday, December 24, 2010

My top 10 exhibitions in Hong Kong

These days how do you rank exhibitions? I always found much easier to ask myself how much I remember of those shows by end of the year. So I also post my top 10 memorable shows in Hong Kong. (*Obviously there is a personal interest as those that I participated I would remember better!)

1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Works by Chu Hing Wah (HKU)
2. Culture(s) of Copy* (Goethe)
3. An Unexpected Turn of Events: Chen Shaoxiong and Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Osage)
4. Hong Kong Diary: Pak Sheung Chuen (HKMA)
5. Spectral Evidence (1a)
6. Tempestade/ Unwetter/ Tempest (Goethe)
7. Ho Sin-tung : Don't Shoot the Messenger (Hanart)
8. Runscape: Map Office (10Chancery)
9. Jompet.Third Realm (Para/Site)
10. Nadim Abbas: Cataract (Exit/Experimenta)

I might remember a couple more but it wouldn't be far away from that.