Sunday, September 23, 2007

Loss of space

Yesterday I went for a walk in the hills of Sha Tin, a trail exactly the same as I did nine years ago. I remember last time I left the hill and came to a small lawn before entering to the town centre which I enjoyed much with BB. This time the lawn has gone and it sits a huge ramp of the expressway.

Hong Kong Artists Series

Back in Melbourne, Brett showed me this little toy he bought in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hong Kong for taitais

Hong Kong, such a small arts community, is hardly attractive to the international players but love means a lot here. I have so far met a few art professionals including curators/directors and editors of major art museums and magazines who relocated to Hong Kong in the name of love as their partners had to come to Hong Kong for their business and career. They were female art professionals and gave up their career for their husbands. Some of them continue their career (in smaller scale and capacity) in different ways but some might simply become a wealthy tai tai, occasionally doing some volunteer work for art organizations or other charity.

Mmm... maybe a lot of local artists are similar too, perhaps just not wealthy. Once Chan Yuk Keung said making art in Hong Kong just like doing for charity! I respect them all anyway.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Airports are just like cathedrals in our times. They are all similar, grand and full of glass. You know what it means when it's not well attended. Travelling is something like faith, its experience becomes respected.
Yesterday I went to the airport for the first time not for anyone's arrival or departure. I lost my wallet in the airport (to be precise, the aircraft which already commuted between airports after 2 days) and have it found and returned. My belonging left its owner and travelled thro' countries.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The shooting of "baby sign" took place on Aug 25 & 26. I didn't got many people help in the first day which was long. Anyway, it's just fun to work with these lovely people. It was an eye opener for me. Communication in silence.

Back to Hong Kong

Almost 2 months in Australia have passed. Back to home and started to meet old folks. Last night it was a small dinner with friends. It seemed like ages we didn't see each other before.

I shall have some re-collection of the days in Australia as not yet into the mood of an usual work life.