Thursday, June 3, 2010

I like this style.

Hank Bull, core member of the first generation of Western Front and great performance artist is like a walking dictionary of contemporary art. I first met him in Shanghai in 2000 and Centre A was just founded by him then in Vancouver. Today I still keep receiving news of its growth. Now he steps down as Founding Director and I really appreciate it. It's very interesting to see an institution to grow to this stage.

On May 28, 2010, the executive director of Centre A announced to the board of directors his intention to leave the position at the end of the year.
As the founding director, Hank Bull has played a leading role in establishing Centre A. He makes this decision in order to open the way to renewal and growth for the organization. After working as a curator and administrator for many years, he intends to return to his own personal artistic practice.
The position of executive director will be advertised in the next few weeks and applications accepted over the summer.

From the Executive Director
To the Board of Directors of Centre A

It is with gratitude, optimism and, of course, regrets that I announce my retirement as executive director of Centre A.
Centre A has occupied a considerable portion of my professional career – fifteen years since the idea was first conceived – so it is only after careful consideration that I come to this decision.
My reasons for stepping down are both professional and personal. The long term success of any organization depends, as the word would suggest, on succession. Centre A has developed an exemplary model of succession in both board and staff. Now in its twelfth year of operation, the organization enjoys the leadership and vision of its fourth board president and its fourth curator. Furthermore, many young people have found mentorship in the organization and gone on to professional careers in the arts. The one position yet to be renewed is that of the executive director. In order to enable Centre A to thrive on the strength of its mission, and not simply on the dreams of its founders, it is essential that this key position be handed on to someone new.
Now is a good time. Centre A is in sound financial shape. It has an excellent board and a talented staff. Knowledge and experience are distributed throughout the organization. A succession planning committee has been formed and is part of a comprehensive strategic plan. All this provides the solid footing necessary to support organizational growth and change. We expect the executive director position to be advertised soon and interviews to begin in the early fall.
My reason for leaving also has a personal side. Devoting much of my time and energy to Centre A has meant that my personal life and my own research have had to take a back seat. It is time for my explorations to take a more personal direction. What I will find is still a delightful mystery, even to me, but you may be sure that it will involve, somehow, a life in art.
I would like to acknowledge my appreciation to all of Centre A’s board members past and present. It has been an honour to serve under your direction. To all the staff and volunteers with whom it has been my privilege to work I give my heartfelt thanks. I will miss you a lot and know that great achievements await you. I offer a special expression of gratitude to the donors who have not only been crucial to sustaining the centre but who have also become personal friends. And to the funders, press, peers and audience members who have helped to make Centre A the success that it is today, working with you has been a pleasure.
I intend to remain an active member and volunteer at Centre A.
Let’s keep on pushing.

Hank Bull
Executive Director